At Atelier Moedhart, artists Vivian Josephine and Edward Lee Tchai have joined forces to curate a space that unleashes the power of art as a catalyst for self-discovery. Their shared vision is to foster an environment where creativity thrives, inspiring individuals to embark on a transformative journey of personal exploration. Join them at Atelier Moedhart and unlock the potential of art to uncover the depths of your own unique identity.

At Atelier Moedhart we strive to create a space where art becomes a catalyst for self-discovery. Our Atelier is based in Ridderkerk.

Vivian Josephine

After years of making art for herself, she started to focus on making paintings and feels that now is the time to share this with the outside world.

Also through yoga Vivian conquers her inner world and is the big inspiration for her art.

The inner world of moving energy and uncontrolled shapes and colors is what Vivian expresses in her objects. To capture a fling of this world she uses the combination wood, acrylic paint and epoxy in different layers and phases. All these elements bring gives the object the dynamics and depth that they hold.

Not knowing where the creation will go but trusts the elements that they give the objects that what is needed.

Edward Lee Tchai
is someone who has led many lives.

With his experience in the world of interior and design, he has traveled all over the world and has a preference for all different cultures around the world. Indigenous cultures in particular, full of beautiful stories and wisdom. This gave Edward a unique view of the world…

For years Edward has been a free spirit without knowing how free he was, he now converts this freedom into, among other things, making art that he makes purely on his intuition.
This is what he relies on most and is also something he wants to share with others. To go to the moments when you decide things, that first moment of that pure feeling of knowing. Edward finds that magical and has found a way to stay in “the intuitive state of mind” while creating.